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Genitrust’s Hashing Plex is exactly that—and there’s no need to run your own noisy, hot mining machines at home ever again. Whether for Bitcoin, Litecoin, or any alt coin, we store all of your mining equipment for less than the price of your electric bill! No pre-orders. Claim your space today .

Proper cooling, redundant power, and redundant Internet will keep your machines up as much as possible
in our secure processing centers. You can access your machines from home or the office
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How does it


You chart your own course. Don’t be taken in by second-rate mining companies.

Genitrust Hashing Plex


Pay using Bitcoin, Credit Card (PayPal), or international wire transfer.

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Meet the


Not pictured: Paula (Sales), Lisa (Online Sales), Devin (Head of security), Scott (operations), Maxim (lead programmer)
Genitrust has been mining for nearly 4 years. We know the Bitcoin, Litecoin, and alt coin mining industry inside-and-out. Our team consists of ethical hackers, linux system administrators, expert software developers, friendly and responsive sales representatives, and crypto currency enthusiasts. We're not here to take pre-orders and talk about how awesome we'll be one day: we're here to get you setup today! At the present, Genitrust is filling up its 4th mining facility. We operate facilities in both Washington state and Florida.

Who says you can’t have it all?

  • So glad I didn't have to wait a year to host my mining rigs.

    No more going to sleep to the sound of computer humming...although it sounds more like a jet-engine. All for the same cost of my own electric bill!
    Bitcoin Buddy, New Jersey
  • The web link is great! My favorite.

    I have all the control and access with none of the stress from downtime. Nothing is worse that knowing your machines aren't mining while you're stuck at work.
    University Tech Geek, Florida
  • Starting out in the bitcoin world was easy with you...

    equipment options, hosting, everything was turn key and private. I am all about ROI and you guys are getting it done.
    Crypto Coiner, WA
  • The machines are finally out of the house, wife is happy!

    It's good to know I can scale indefinitely with you guys, and you can count that my new ASIC pre-orders will first ship directly to you.
    Thanks! - aeroz, Oakland, CA.

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Trust is our middle name.

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